Residential & Commuter Information

Residential Camper Information

Residence Hall Rules


Residence hall rules will be established on the first night of camp prior to lights out. Campers will meet their counselor to discuss standards of behavior. All campers are expected to comply with the rules, regulations, and policies of the hall.


Camp Checklist

  •     T-shirt and shorts
  •     Laundry bag
  •     Underwear and socks
  •     Alarm clock
  •     Athletic shoes (with adequate traction)
  •     Two bath towels and washcloths
  •     One pair long pants/sweats
  •     Lock (only if using a locker)
  •     Snack & pizza money
  •     Option to deposit in camp bank
  •     Pajamas
  •     Toilet articles/soap/shampoo, etc.

*If camper needs to be taped to prevent injury, camper must provide tape, and a member of the trainer's staff will apply the product.


Room Amenities


All rooms are air-conditioned double rooms. No more than two will be assigned to a room. Sheets, blankets and pillows will be furnished.




All residential campers will receive a room key at check-in. Campers are encouraged to keep their keys with them at all times. ALL KEYS MUST BE TURNED IN TO Cary Quad Residence Hall UPON CHECK-OUT. Campers who lose or do not turn in keys upon departure from camp will be charged an additional $35.


Evening meals


Pizza and breadstick orders will be taken for residential campers during the day – whole medium pizza $10, half $5, breadsticks $5 will be delivered to the dorms at approximately 9:30 p.m. each evening. Drinks machines are located in the basement of Cary Quad.




We will try to accommodate roommate requests received prior to the start of camp. If a roommate is not requested, we will assign a roommate of approximately the same age if possible. No changes will be made on registration day.


Room Security


For the security of personal belongings, always keep your room door locked. Please do not bring valuable items or large sums of money. Purdue University does not accept responsibility for theft or loss of money, valuables or personal belongings. Lost and found items may be claimed by contacting the residence hall within two weeks after the close of camp.


Residence Hall Security


The front desk of Cary Quad will be occupied by a staff member at all times. All outside doors to the residence hall are locked in the evening, and all visitors must enter through the front doors and check in with staff. In addition, camp coaches stay in the same hallways as the campers to maximize safety and security.


On-Site Athletic Trainer


An athletic trainer will stay in the residence hall each night during camp. Campers who have injuries or require any sort of medical attention can check in with the athletic trainer or coach 24 hours a day.




Campers who drive to campus MAY NOT use their vehicles during their stay. Vehicles must remain parked in the residence hall lot located on the north side of Cary Quad.


Check Out


Check-out is between 4 and 5 p.m. on the last day of camp. Parents, please arrange with your son where and when you will pick him up to avoid unnecessary confusion. A schedule will be available at registration.

Commuter Camper Information

Camp Checklist

  •     T-shirt and shorts                    Athletic shoes (with adequate traction)


Drop-Off and Pick-Up Locations and Times


Parents dropping off commuting campers should pull up to Mackey Arena along N. John R. Wooden Drive on the west side of the building. Parents wishing to park can use the A-Lot located on the west side of the arena, south of Ross-Ade Stadium. Drop-off is from 8:30 to 9 a.m. and pick-up is at 8:55 p.m.





Every commuter camper will still get a meal card. Make sure to pick this up at registration in Cary Quad.